399 Self Tie

5 photos; 8:23 video

I have decided to try something different for the website. I want to start producing some of my own content to add in with the content that Johnny and I produce together. This is the first in the new series of "Self Ties". I am not very accustomed to considering all the different aspects of producing that must be taken into account. Up until now, I have only concerned myself with costumes, hair, makeup, and well generally damsel in distressing. 

Now....I am forcing myself to see the bigger picture. I must consider framing the shot, lighting, camera lense focus, editing, and the obvious...tying myself up on camera while having all the items I need at the ready. I don't know exactly what I am going to do when I start this video. I take Johnny's advice about how to make sure to place myself in the shot. It turns out slightly off center, but not bad for my first try. And, then he tells me to keep the tie simple, so it won't take too long and therefore require less editing. He somehow even talks me into stuffing my mouth with panties. 

Anyway, it is all here. Self tie. Gag. Rope. Me being my cute self in exercise wear. And, I hope to to do a whole lot more in the future. :)

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