389 Black Straight Jacket

37 photos; 7:52 video

Okay. Johnny has this thing where if he tries something in one color and it looks really good, he wants to try it in a different color or predicament. Apparently, a straight jacket is not immune to this treatment. He decides to get this black straight jacket (in a smaller size, because I lost a little weight) to "see what it would look like". Sure. Likely story. As soon as it arrives on the front porch, Johnny wants to try it on me. I am only wearing black panties, garter belt, stockings and t-shirt at the time. He has me remove my t-shirt to get the best fit for the straight jacket. When, I have it on, he likes it. Really likes it. As I am standing in the living room, he secures my legs together with multple leather straps (another recent impulse purchase-our existing leather straps were getting worn out) and then gives me a cumbersome black duct tape gag. I can't do much, but stand here. So, that is what I do. Stand here in my new straight jacket and leather straps and try to move around as much as allowed. Aren't you glad Johnny has an online shopping habit? I am! :)

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