213 Wonderland

86 photos; 7:19 video

Alice. Alice. Alice. Did you not take any notice of what happened to Goldie Locks? I mean, you go wandering around in the strange Wonderland all by yourself, sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, smoking hookahs with a caterpillar and angering Queens who (or is it "WHOM"?) delight in chopping off heads. I have to say....You should have seen this one coming, Alice. Right about now, I'm betting she is probably wishing she had run into the Mad Hatter instead of the Royal Chef and Potion Maker. He carries her into the castle kitchen, and plops her up on the stone counter. She is hogtied with rope and given a candy apple red ball gag to keep her quiet. She can try to stomp in her high heels all she wants now, but it won't do any good. Once the chef is pleased, that he has captured something sweet for dinner, he goes off to create some new potions to take it to the next level. I hope Alice enjoys being locked up in the castle kitchen all by herself...The Royal Chef is a bit whimsical and has been known to take off for days.....


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