563 Formal

70 photos; 12:58 video

Mel Heflin and I are very excited. We get to go to the big gala tonight. We spend hours doing our hair and makeup, and getting all dressed up for the big occasion. But, as is too often the story, we don't make it out of the house. Johnny has foiled our plans once again, with plans of his own. So, Mel and I exit the bedroom in somewhat matching sparkly blue formal dresses, and high heels. Johnny meets us in the loft with rope and hoist at the ready. Of course, Mel and I don't want to get into any more of a predicament than is already planned. We allow him to tie our wrists together above our heads to the hoist. And, he gives us big bit gags to keep us quieter and drooling. I'm not sure if my favorite red head and I will ever make it to the event. But, let's be honest. This is probably more exciting than what the vanilla people had planned, anyway. :)

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