560 Kitchen

62 photos; 12:58 video

I am not quite sure what happened in this scenario. I think it was that we had a few things we need to use, a new location to use them and needed an update. It seemed a bit creative. And, you know, the refrigerator is always giving, but never really gets to take. Anyhow, while I was wearing a cute yellow sundress with stockings and high heels, Johnny proposes to me that we do a quick shoot with a bit of leather and the refrigerator. The Refrigerator?1? How are we going to do that? And then I realize that those big handles on the double doors are there for a reason. I am intrigued. But, no time for that. Johnny pulls my arms behind me into a black armbinder. Then, he puts one of my least favorite gags on my face: the leather panel harness gag. Finally, he secures me to the fridge with rope from those big handles to the ring at the end of the armbinder. Now, Johnny can really be amused while he is cooking dinner. Hey! No complaints here! I get the night off from cooking and now I know why they put those big handles on the refrigerator doors. ;)

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