504 Self Tie

15 photos; 8:18 video

I know you have had enough of all the dresses that I have been posting. What can I say? It has been my pandemic style. Anyway, this is a selfie set, so I can do whatever floats my boat. And, today, I found this satin dress in the closet that Johnny bought for me a while ago and we have never used. The silky smooth fancy dress was literally sitting on a bin, folded up, and asking for attention. 

I put on said blue dress with stockings, garter belt, collar, leather wrist cuffs, and high heels to take some selfie pictures. After taking a few pics, I drop the high heels and hop on the bed where I proceed to gag myself with a cloth gag and tie myself into a strict ball tie with rope. I even tie my collar to my ankles to make it seem a little more sinister. Naturally, I fumble with the rope a bit, since I don't do this sort of thing every day. When I am all tied up, very snugly, I pull my arms behind my back and attach the leather cuffs together. I have so much fun, I lose track of time as I struggle on the bed in my self imposed predicament. See....you don't mind my dresses so much anymore, do you? ;)

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