486 My Workout

49 photos; 13:22 video

Apparently, I have been ignoring my need to exercise. So, today, it is time to get in a little bondage work out. Dressed in my new gray leggings, black tennis shoes and a blue t-shirt, Johnny dreams up a whole new predicament (based on a picture he saw on that pesky internet) for me to try. He has me stand behind the short metal pole, and has me bend over. Then, he ties my legs together, at the knees, with rope and attaches them to the pole. At the same point where my legs attach to the pole, Johnny secures my metal cuff bound wrists to the pole as well. My collar is secured to the top of the pole with a chain. Johnny finishes this seemingly inocuous looking situation with a leather panel gag that for some reason makes me drool more than the ball gag. I am actually pleased that I maintain the position rather well for the pictures and videos. But, unfortunately, I am painfully reminded that I really should try to get in some exercise from time to time. That would make all this bondage stuff a whole lot easier! :)

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