475 Pajamas Hogtie Part I

38 photos; 10:51 video

So, every once in a while, it bears repeating, "Judgemental cowards can kiss my a**" which is exactly why I had this t-shirt made. I haven't had to wear it in years, thankfully. I had to search to the bottom of my drawer to find it and was glad when I did. This time, I needed it because a girl at work found my website, didn't like it and decided to tell everyone in the office as much. Now, maybe my mind does not work correctly, but I was thinking, "Why is she telling everyone in the office that she looks at adult websites?" But, no matter. What kind of bugs me is that instead of coming to me and talking to me, she thought she would cause me a problem, by telling everyone else in the office. Make no mistake. I do not suffer maliciousness and toxic personalities well. I will be cordial at best to her from now on. Anyway, needless to say, it was time to pull out my t-shirt and take some pictures to show people how I feel. 

So, I put on my "Judgemental cowards" t-shirt with blue pajama pants and bare feet. Then, Johnny being the silly dominant that he is decides to stuff panties in my mouth and wrap clear tape around my head. He knows my hair will not thank him later. I proceed to hop up on the bed where he places me in a strict hog tie with rope. Finally, I struggle around on the bed, making sure that you can read my message clearly. Thank you for visiting JackieBound.com ;)


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